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Design your Dream House without Spending a Dime!

Design your Dream House without Spending a Dime!

What’s in Home Design Games?

Home Design games are a lot like decorating one’s home, and pretty much like any other games, you play on your mobile device or PC. They are stimulating, engaging games that let you escape into a different world/space in an instant, in this case, it allows you to live the life of an interior designer. So you do what interior designers do: design and decorate fixer-uppers.

You’re given a bare room to start, along with a few options for carpets, wall coverings, couches, lamps, and so forth, and it’s down to you and your imagination to design that room. You choose colors and furniture elements, restructure the available space, select ornamental pieces, and so on that you feel would go best with the overall ambiance while keeping in mind your clients’ needs and preferences (in some cases), or simply your aesthetics (if you’re designing your own home inside the game).

These FREE-to-download house decorating games  offer enjoyable gameplay and are ‘proudly laid back’ compared to other games as there’s no need for fast reaction skills, or puzzle solving, or the urgency to play or buy although items can be purchased with real money through in-app purchases ONLY IF you wish to speed up the completion of a room, or want to own THAT item on which you had your eyes on for some time but didn’t quite end up earning. Instead, these games are about design aesthetics, and you could be learning about different interior design styles and types of decorations; you can link up to lively artistic communities on social media to enhance your design skills and learn insights that you can apply in your actual life. Some games in this genre lure their players through a steady trickle of new content and rewards. One game also utilizes real-life brands: it allows players to shop directly through the app to create their vision for a room in-game before actually implementing it in real life. This means that players can not only apply what they’ve learned (in-game) about different interior design styles to their own homes in real life but also check how their spaces would look like before investing in it!

And the best part of these house design games: the unlimited budget and the freedom to delete errors or redefine anything by simply pressing a button and without spending a dime — unthinkable and undoable in real-life interior design makeovers.

Downloadable from the app store, these house flip games come in a few variations or story formats. While the primary aim in all these design games online is to let you create an attractive aesthetic inside a virtual home, some of them also offer a vibrant narrative or storyline as a reason to renovate. So you could be returning home to your parents only to realize the dire state their mansion is in and set about remodeling it; or you as the character in the story go through a difficult time — in particular, catching your useless, slick boyfriend cheating on you — and simultaneously inheriting a sprawling estate of your great aunt that you’ll get to keep only if you get the place cleaned up within a month. Interesting, right? And as you play through, you unearth new chapters while living out the protagonist’s life: you meet other characters — perhaps a new romance or the return of the ‘ex’, and you stay fully immersed in the ever-evolving narrative as you breathe a fresh lease of life to tired properties on these fixer-upper games.

Additionally, some of these room makeover games embrace the home decoration side of things but also introduce simple gaming elements, like matching puzzle tiles or Match-3 games, along with leaderboards events or design challenges that not only provides variety to your interior design aspirations and skills but also the scope to earn in-game coins and gems to buy new decor pieces, and the likes.

What’s in Room Flip™?

So if you love transforming run-down places into extraordinary spaces and you love fashion, ‘Room Flip™: Design Dream Home Makeover, Flip House’ launched in November 2020, is just the game for you.

“When we researched, we found out that players were looking for a true blue fixer-upper game where you get to flip rooms and customize your avatar at the same time. Upon realizing the gap, we put together a team of interior designers who love their craft and set about creating spaces that have never been transformed before…we plan to bring extraordinary rooms and events to life and keep our core audiences engaged for years to come. Room Flip™ is a game where players can socialize, inspire each other and find the best design experiences in the genre.” ~ Nukebox Studios CEO, Amit Hardi

Illustrating the quote above Room Flip™ not only lets you put on your interior designer’s hat, but you get to do that while being on a TV Show! So it offers you a unique gameplay experience where YOU play out the main character as THE Interior Designer hired for the interior design TV-Show game that Room Flip™ is, and accompany a quirky TV crew around the world to take on clients and give their spaces a makeover that they are longing for. Along with this crew, you caper through riveting stories of clients and behind-the-scenes drama — like a former school bully who happens to be your current boss and who almost sabotages your upcoming promotion! But, that’s not all. Because you’ll be on a TV Show, it requires a dazzling onscreen presence. For this purpose, Room Flip™ lets you customize your avatars in a plethora of stunning outfits & accessories, tailor-made for every occasion, including episode-exclusive attires. What’s more? You have a gazillion fun matching puzzles to crack that aids you with in-game currencies that in turn help you to acquire all the decor accessories to transform your clients’ challenging fixer-uppers into coveted dream homes!

Room Flip™ has already had a few exciting design events since its launch like the ‘Christmas in the Alps’ as part of a Holiday Makeover project or the recently concluded ‘Magical Wedding Makeover in Morocco’ alongside a recurring game event like the amazing ‘Cat Race’ where you race your adorable cats in hot air balloons. And its calendar looks full with an ‘English Afternoon Tea Party’; a ‘Limoncello Fiesta’ in the Amalfi Coast, and so many more!

Moreover, the sheer variety in interior design styles in Room Flip™ is mind-blowing! Here, no two rooms are alike: You kickstart the very first episode in Season 1 upgrading a living room overlooking the Manhattan skyline in a ‘minimalist’ manner; next, you transform a kids room in the comforting ‘hygge’ style so typical of Scandic designs; then refurbish a kitchen in the modern French-style country kitchen mode; and conclude the season with a Mediterranean-style Rooftop with a pebbled garden, fountains et al. There are also some niche rooms and spaces to revamp, like the Retro-style Music room or the Neo-Gothic Bedroom; and even a Retro-style American Diner. Amidst all this, you’ll experience a medley of culture, lifestyle, and luxury as you zip around the world from Baltimore to Botswana, or Tuscany, Dubai, Zermatt, Ibiza, Down Under; you name it.

Why are House Design games Popular?

Ever wondered why we like to decorate our homes? Well, “The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” ~ David Hicks. There, that’s your answer.

Just like clothes reveal a lot about our personalities, decorations reveal a lot about the lifestyle of people living in a home. Just as fashion is optional, so is decorating. And yet most of us choose to decorate both the interior and exterior spaces of our homes. Because just as dressing well increases our performance by boosting our confidence and heightens others’ impressions of us, a well-kept home does the same, and more. Here are 8 main reasons listed by Decoration Channel that make us want to decorate our homes.

That aside, it can be exciting to redesign a space so a person can call it their own. But while most of us would like to decorate our homes, oftentimes in reality, the work is more than the reward, and sometimes items are way too costly. Enter: home decor games.

Luckily for us who live in the flourishing world of mobile apps and mobile games, we get to fulfill our penchant through virtual means with a plethora of room decoration games available at our fingertips and easily downloadable for free from the online stores. These interior designing home design games allow aspiring interior designers (also gamers) to let out their creative sides, without depleting their energy and design their dream houses without spending a dime. No wonder then that home design games online have gained so much popularity.

Benefits of home design games

For starters, “you don’t have to wipe smudges from walls, pick up your husband’s socks or wipe down surfaces with disinfectant. It’s a sparkling clean, sun-drenched world” where despite limits on international travel, “you effortlessly hop between Sydney, Tokyo, Brussels, and Key West and the only stresses involve deciding between Taylor Burke Home and Apt2B.” ~ Leslie Katz

In an era where Marie Kondo is inspiring millions to tidy up and organize their homes, house design game apps make it easier than ever to see such results pronto. “A tidy home is a tidy mind and being able to escape instantly to a pristine virtual room is relaxing.” ~ Lewis Leong More so now. With many people struggling to make ends meet, and with the recent pandemic, room decoration games and fashion designer games online offer an opportunity to dream: they provide a form of wish fulfillment that’s free or inexpensive, and a laid-back form of escapism: one that’s unlikely to lose popularity any time soon.

These games also work to inspire those who can’t afford to redesign their real-life homes. Players can still achieve their materialistic and aspirational goals, albeit virtually. With no expectations, players are encouraged to explore and experiment.

Therefore, room makeover games are also educational. Players get to amplify their design skills and learn how to put together a room without having to spend real money to find out. They can understand how colors, patterns, and lighting work to enhance a given space. They pick up nifty design tips on how throw-rugs, a handful of assorted cushions, or rattan ottomans can lend a chic and bohemian touch all at the same time.

So are you ready to deck out that dream home without spending a dime? Head over to the Google Play Store or App Store and download Room Flip™ for free!

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